Wednesday, 21 April 2010

first time blogger

first time blogger long time chatterbox!
so, how to start?
well this is mainly going to be my blog to get away from the real outside world.
somewhere where i can talk freely and openly.
about my eating issues, about my mental problems and about the things which mean a lot to me but would probably be unacceptable to the 'normal' society!

So i'm going to start off by saying i'm in a crappy-ish mood as i have only just woke up an hour or so ago and i've spent that time munching down 5 oat cakes and now i feel like a guilty fat pig! but i'm not going to purge because i'm really trying hard at the moment to not get into a bad cycle!
after watching an episode of torchwood though and the prospect of my recorded episode of supersize vs superskinny has slightly cheered me up! then it'll be quick room tidy, maybe a bit of artwork then the gym (yipee) where i'm gonna work off those oatcakes and compensate for the 60cals frozen yoghurt snack pot i'll probs will eat afterwards! I binged and purged on noodles, mini chedders, buttery bread and squares bars yesterday and am suffering the anxious fat guilt today! so today is gonna be a better day, i may take the dogs for a walk after my shower as well, its such a lovely day!!

well i think thats a pretty open first post! so yay finally blogged for once in my life :)
i'll leave some prety pictures of summery thinspo to give today a positive boost :)

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  1. love the thinspo pictures. They're all perfection.
    Stay string girl. xx