Tuesday, 2 November 2010

LIfe vs Doctors

I can tell you what they say in space

That our earth is too grey

But when the spirit is so digital

The body acts this way

That world was killing me

That world was killing me
I can never get out of here

I don't want to just float in fear

A dead astronaut in space

I can never get out of here

I don't want to just float in fear

A dead astronaut in space

i know i i know quoting song lyrics cheesy as fuk but its just whats playing through my headphones right now and i like it so ther!

not posted for ages! have been lost in a world of doctors and pain and a failing at being a healthy 19 year old :( hmph

my months of sffering the cripling agonies of abdominal pain have still not been fixed! where i suspect ulcer they have given me the generalization on IBM put me on even more tablets upped my acid reflux ones and said ''come see us in a month''! :(
oh and they also added: ''yeah your bloods show low pottasium thats probably the purging and bulimia for ya!

............O_o...............................huh! well thanks guys! you sure have fixed all my problems! i would never have thought bulimia would cause so many problems! well done for showing me how thick i must be! i'm going to stop now i know its not all FUCKIN RAINBOWS AND SUNSHINE AND HAPPINESS SHINING OUT OF MY FUCKING FAT ASS!!!!

yeah i'm not a happy chappy at all! plus my hairs still falling out! and i still aint lost any weight!
back at the gym! bumping up to about 2-3 hours 3-5 times a week instead of 1-2 hours!
at least the IBS excuse means i no longer have to eat with the family! EVER! i have an excuse to activeley watch and record my diet! oh well i suspose not everythings a big depressing steaming pile of shit in my life...... :/ well thats what i keep trying to say!

heres some lovley lovley thinspo for a more positive note!
tomorrow  i may just eat lollipops only! fuk the sugar my teeth are already fucked, fuck being healthy i aint doing to well at that anyway! just sugar calories easy to burn with the sugar high and well, i'm going to crash anyway so i might as well revel in a candy fuelled mania for a least a little while hmph!!! :(

stay strong everyone! i love you all xxx

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  1. Sorry to hear abut your experience with those doctors. Mine aren't too helpful either. Mine found out about my anorexia and handed me a post it of a therapist that specialized in idk some child add problemsor something like that. It was funny. She gave me a number or a child therapist- I'm 19. I have major stomach problems too and they never do anything about it. I feel your pain. Come to the conclusion doctors are stupid.