Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Master Cleanse

Ok So i've been building up to it and tomorrow i officially start


the past three days i have spent eating only vegetable broth, raw veggies and fruit and fresh juice. oh and of course the warming herbal teas!!
i'm feelin great so far and the anticipation i'm feeling will probably help me get through the first difficult few days!
i've done all my research, read the book over and over and have a kitchen full of all the ingrediants i need!
after avoiding my three main vices for three days; dairy, caffiene and alcohol, my mind and body is super prepped!!

so here are the basics, for 10 days starting tomorrow morning i will be living of a lemony conncotion made from fresh oraganic lemons, grade B maple syrup, cayenne pepper and distilled water! the only cheats allowed are non-caffinated herbal teas for a fresh and refreshing change of taste! laxative teas have to be drunk every night and a salt water flush every morning just to keep everything moving!!!

yes this is me bulldozing my way into health for the new year with a mega DETOX!!!

o.kay so if i manage to see this through not only will i have shifted a few pounds but i will hopefully feel fresher and cleansed! o.kay so know your thinking 'ah this is just a clever rouse, another social disguise for getting away with ED behaivour' but to be honest this couldn't be less about the weight loss. yes of course that would be a fantastic side effect but the weight lost on a cleanse is hard to keep off. what i'm hoping to gain from this is a kick at my IBS which is currently a burden, to give me a break from alcohol and hopefully introduce me into healhty living. i'm kinda hoping after feeling refreshed and experiencing great pride at my willpower i will be able to tackle my binging and purging which has left my body exhausted, ill and poisoned!

i'm not saying this is gonna cure my ED but i'd rather be excersising and toning up again and gaining back the control over my eating! but still i'm not letting myself swell with false hope but rather keeping my mind focussed on the next ten days!

I will be coming on here everyday and posting my progress and hopefully this can help you decide on whether this is a cleanse you could find beneficial too!

so stay tuned and wish me luck cus i'm gonna need your support!

take care every one and i'll sign in tommorow and hopefully explain things in a little more detail!

here are a few inspiring pictures (i cant end a blog without a few pics!) this is a collection of

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  1. Oooh yay for gorgeous arms! Something I'm trying to aim for (well, among everything else, lol!).

    I totally understand and I agree. I use to be really focused on making sure I wasn't just eating less, but eating healthy. You know, a few carrots for a meal instead of a few crackers. Glad you reminded me, I really need to work on that too.

    Good luck with the cleanse! I've heard really good things about that one! Let us know how it goes!