Friday, 4 February 2011

Master Cleanse - Day 10

So today is the final day of the master cleanse and I’m feeling a little sad to be saying goodbye to it! That doesn’t mean I feel ready to settle down and suck on lemons for the rest of my life but the mental break has been well needed and my body hasn’t felt quite so healthy in a long time!

Today I got up late feeling extremely tired, weak and dizzy. I had to drag myself to the kitchen and could barley stand upright even to make my first lemonade of the day! I greedily chugged it down and sat for a few minutes. Nope nothing yet. Still sat waiting. Hmmmmm normally I get some kick of energy by now. But no nothing, so I drag myself miserably into the shower hoping it will stir some activity from me! Getting ready goes slow but by the time I;ve took the brisk walk down to the bus stop I’m feeling much better and ready to finish off in better mood!

And that’s about all to report so far as here I am, the only time I’ve got to update.

So, conclusions and lessons learned? Well I can conclude that after this I now weigh 150lbs! which means a total loss of 11lbs while on this cleanse! Also, as I went into yesterday I have experienced both physical and mental health benefits! In fact all in all I’m feeling like a pretty normal person! Still I have no real hunger cravings or pains and at one point was even considering going for longer. But the best way to succeed is to stick to a plan plus, I remind myself, this is my first time doing this and there’s always next time!

My minds only thought now is oranges; yummy oranges and fresh fruit smoothies and all the glorious concoctions that await me over the next few days. (I’m also, dare I say, feeling a little bit proud!)

Lessons learned! Well I know that I really could have done which drinking more of the lemonade and definitely I could have drunk more water. I have been feeling a few suspect signs of dehydration recently so have been mindfully watching how much I’m drinking and making sure I always have a big bottle of distilled water with me wherever I go instead of just juice!

Any problems? Non that draw immediate attention or should cause alarm! My hands are shaking quite a lot today and I have had some awful headaches of late (but that most likely links back to slight dehydration). My bowel movements have not been…. Comfortable to say the least. Going around 4 or 5 times every morning has been quite annoying but there are no indications of bas health and the herbal laxative tea has done its job well!

Would I recommend this! YES I can eagerly say I would! To anyone! Even if you don’t suffer from any chronic pains or toxin issues there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be good to your body and give it a good clear out and reap the many benefits! You do feel like an entirely different person at the end of it! Positive outlook and healthy kicks also help pave a way to a new lifestyle and attitude towards food, exercise and general well-being!

So whats left! Well the ease out. Now this is a delicate procedure. You cant just expect to jump of a cleanse a go back to normal eating! (or not so normal in my case). By doing so you but your body at risk of shock trauma, damage to your digestive system and not to mention the pounds will jump straight back on. You have to understand how you digest food and how your metabolism works. Get yourself familiar with different foods again. Going from liquids and then slowly back to solids! You don’t want all your energy and willpower to go to waste now do you??

So I will keep updating whenever I can on how the ease out is going and of course how my new frame of mind is coping with returning back to a non cleanse lifestyle!
I’m sorry but there are no pictures today as I am using a college computer but I have plenty to share so patience!! :)

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