Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Master Cleanse - Day 1

So today has gone GREAT!!! i am so cheery cheery! it turns out the lemonade drink is DELICIOUS!! most people dont like it because of the spiciness of the cayenne pepper but i'm used to it so to me the drink is a refreshing little treat all through the day!!!!

i've had eight cups of the stuff today, 2 herbal teas and my morning Salt Water Flush (which was yucky but certainley did the trick)!! I'm gonna finish off with my smooth tea and an early night!! keep myself refreshed!

Still feeling pretty positive although the temptation to steal a tiny potatoe chunk off my bf's dinner was quite high! still i resisted!! NO POTATOE!!! :D

And i've only had 2 lots of meds today as my stomach pain has been quite discreet! i must admitt i'm already fed up of hand squeezin a dozen lemons so will have to go find my cheap juicer!

so here's the recipe i'm following for all those curious! i cup of juice contains

2 tblsp fresh organic lemon juice
2 tblsp grade B maple syrup
1/10 tsp cayenne pepper
8oz distilled water

shake it all up and enjoy!!!!

i dont doubt though that by friday i'll probably be feeling a little grouchy and many say this is the worst day of the cleanse. the hurdle to endure before you can really jump on the master cleanse bandwagon fan club!!
but if i can get through a social weekend and no college to keep me distracted then i know i'll be able to see this through to the end!!
hopefully some gentle exercise tomorrow will prove fruitful and as the day goes on will aid in calming the hunger pangs! as will the hot showers! but if i keep a strong mind i can try and overcome the physcological cravings!

people have blogged and noted before that to succeed you have to tune into your body and get to know what it really wants! i'm a little unnerved by this as i have had lots of trouble keeping focussed and concentrating on the positive things my body needs since i fell into this depression, ED bullshit but i've got my boyfriend supporting me through this and even the nod of approval my a reluctant mother so maybe i dont have to do something on my own for a change! maybe i should allow people to help keep me strong!

i'm still sticking to my pescribed meds as is the sensible thing to do but have yet to take and supplements/ vitamins which are discouraged in the original master cleanse book.

i've also decided to find a least one healthy meal recipie/ habbit/ excersize aid etc to add to my new after detox living!
today i have decided to take to the habbit of eating a small handfull of nuts or seeds replacing sugary or carby snacks i may turn to and then perhaps be tempted to binge on when the mid morning or afternoon hunger pokes!
my 3 favourites being
chesnuts &
sunflower seeds!

so to recapp! day one is going top notch!! my minds still engaged and ready for whats to come and i've started making positive plans to creating a new and healthy me after the cleanse! i think my councillor would be quite proud!!

tomorrow i get to weigh in! last time i weighed was before the ease in days and i was a brutally bloated 161lbs :/ yes i've gained alot recently! hopefully i wont have to see this numer for too long!

 today i have a selection of PERFECT POSES!

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