Thursday, 27 January 2011

Master Cleanse - Day 2

today was a little bit harder i admitt! i woke up with agonising stomach pains but as the day went on the pain went away! i tried to keep myself super occupied and it was going great until, whilst purusing the shops in the city centre with my gran, the delicious aromas of a dozen coffee shops, chocolate stalls and pannini places whifted through my nostrils! god easy meals have never smelt so good! i even found myself drooling over the image of a burger later on the internet, something which swiftly reminded me of why i was in this situation, of the shameful binges that helped me get stuck in stomach turmoil and chubby misery!

When i got back in from the freezing cold i ended up curling up on the sofa, tv on and covered in 3 fleecy blankets! hunger no longer on my mind i bunkered down for a couple of hours. still freexing a full of my tv fix i dragged my ass into the shower! Oh man the heat was soo good! i just stood there in the scolding water for what must have been at least 20mins! i jumped into an early bed time ritual of pj's, make-up off and man sized jumpers engulfing me!
it wasnt long after that i found myself jumping into the kitchen and whipping up a big batch of tasty lemony goodness! i felt so good that i was almost shocked when i saw food in the fridge and realised that it had not crossed my mind since my lucnhtime shopping and that instantly put me in a good mood again!

i guess the hardest thing today has been the cravings for binge worthy food. its not so much the want to eat a normal meal or even a snack or a nibble! its the familiar want to gorge myself! but i tell myself i am better than this and ploug onwards, looking foreward to my night time warmth from a herbal tea and a good nights sleep!

i've got a busy day planned for tommorow with lots of things to distract me from evil nawing cravings and the knowledge in my mind that my birthdays just around the corner and i want to achieve my goal to look and feel fabulous!!
thats all for now! i'm sure things will start getting more interesting the further i go into this! take care all!

oh and P.s. after a cheeky weigh in on the scales today i can happily say i am now 155lbs! still an appalingly hideous number but still! a loss of 6lbs in 6days! no thats enought to make anyone smile :D

i leave you with my picture collection for today!

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