Friday, 28 January 2011

Master Cleanse - Day 3

ok. so today was slightly more difficult but really not as bad as i was expecting! i have given up on the salt water flush as it makes me gag too much and with my dodgy stomach being as it is i really cant afford to be puking up nothing!! so i've switched it for the optional extra laxative tea in a morning!

And while were on the topic i suppose i must discuss bowel movements! well lets say i'm going! i'm going quite a bit but not so much to cause concern! it does feel like i am being flushed from the inside! more flushed then cleansed as of yet!!

i started the day feeling very rough as usual with severe stomach pains! i spent most of the morning moving between the loo and curling back up in bed! (and while were on a bit of TMI i must admitt i had a fair bit of flatulance *blushes*)

but after managing to rouse myself at around 11, take my laxtea and have another long shower i set about preparing my first lemonade drink of the day! i can honestly say before this i was feeling fairly peaky and my skin was a lovely shade of pale hangover white! but that zingy drink perked me up almost instanly and i was soon on my way!

i spent the evening busy at college, constantly gulping down my daily drink intake, and a felt a liberating rush of energy! i wasnt even tempted by the open bags of haribo scattered on the table! nope not one bit!! but then the evening hit and i have never and i mean NEVER have heard my stomach make such noisy! it was like i swallowed a wookie! MENTAL!! and i was feeling sooooooo hungry! even cartoon chips look appealing! its weird i mean i've fasted before for around a week or more and not had any problems but i've always been able to cheat! with the aim being weight loss and not good health as well i had no problems guzzling energy drinks, coffee, caffine pills and the likes to curb my appetite and give me energy (although the strain on my heart was terrifying and i would end up shaking and feeling like i was on some ecstacy trip with the palpatations) but now i know i have to watch my health! i given my body so much abuse i cant risk it!

but back to the hunger! i was soooo fucking grouchy! i was so tempted to just cook up a warm bowl of soup! something to calm my inside! but i forced my self to make another batch of juice and miraculously i began to feel better! i felt more energetic, after spending a good few solid hours curled up under duvets my body seemed to warm up and the hunger cravings and stomach rublings subsided and back came to positive feelings! i soon switched to being to optimist again! like a fruit fuelled bipolar!! it was mad!!!

i'm not gonna lie and say i'm enjoying this! i hate food and it always feels like the enemy to me but even with this fued i am still looking foreward to getting back to my warm tea, my boiled veggies and my tinned tuna!!! as much as i hate my relationship with food i can never deny that i dont appreciate its taste somedays! its comfort factor! and right now i miss that and it makes me feel momentarily weak! but i am doing this for a reason! i am doing this for my self and i am doing it to try and change my attitude towards food! maybe i learn to appreciate it more! to not waste it on mindless binges and guilt fuelled purges! to take more care when restricting and remeber that keeping the most nutriant packed all good earth fresh foods can actually be a friend to me!

i'm gonna round it up now with my healthy after cleanse changes! (i forgot to do this yesterday so i'll think of 2 for today)

ok the first is i'm going to start making all my own sauces and vinegrettes and dressings! my grandma bought me a real fancy food processor yesterday as a late moving in present for my flat and the benefit of this means i wont have to my those processed mystery dressing which can contain all sorts of dirty preservatives and often never offer and nutritional values!

the second is to cut a large amount of caffine out of my average diet! being on this cleanse has shown me the benefits of natural foods for providing good energy! i have often reallied to much on coffee to sustain me! but no more i say! plus it cant be good for my ibs!

as a final note i now weigh in at, dun dun dun duuuuuun, 154lbs! woop 11stone or 70kg whichever way you look! thats a loss of 7lbs so far! my knees and back arnt aching as much and i honestly feel a lot healthier in myself despite the stomach pain!

todays pictures are of

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