Sunday, 30 January 2011

Master Cleanse - Day 5

ahhhh i cant belive i'm practically half way through this (if i stick with the 11 day plan and not ten!) i'm feeling sooooo good! my tummy is flat, i've still got a reasonable amount of energy to get through the day and do my chores and besides the whiff of the bf's garlic rice early i can honestly say today has been the easiest by far with dealing with hunger cravings. infact i've hardly had any at all. in fact i was even thinking to myself during my mini shopping spree today (initiated by a need to get more maple syrup) how much of a chore it is to organise shopping and errand running around stopping for food in town. planning on where to go, how much to spend, whether i'm not eating and should fuel on some overpirced skinny, mocha mania frappawhateverchinno . its just been so easy and simple and the without the threat of food always on my mind extremley stress free! its like a friggin holiday from the crazy!

so all in all optimism spreading eagerly!

i woke up feeling exhausted again but, true to form, my first lemonaded of the day gives me all the pep i need!

as joyous as this whole thing is going i can honestly say i'm looking foreward to finishing! i miss my high intensity cardio workouts. i miss my morning cup of tea! i miss something as simple as as choosing between brown bread or white bread! and yes i am starting to get sick of the lemons! its everything i smell. its everything i taste. its just lemons lemons everywhere!!!!

buuuuuut i shouldnt be complaining. i have a bit of a sore throat, a furry tounge and occasional cramps which i suppose is a sign the the toxins a breaking down in my body which should mean they'll start getting flushed out!

and even though i have always said this is about my health i am revelling in the fact that all my curent trousers are falling down and i can switch back to the lower size!

i have to go to the doctors tomorrow about my IBS and theese new tablets i'm on! i feel reluctant to tell her that i'm on this cleanse unless the subject rears its ugly head in conversation. i'm not going to lie. and i'm not doing anything stupid! its just with an ED label tucked behind your belt health proffesionals are less inclined to believe your doing anything sensible for your health :/
but i am a mature adult and i should hope my choices in this instant should be respected!

todays little health change is to replace at least 2 meals a week with soya products! i often cook meals for me and my boyfriend to encourage him to eat healthier too and to try and achieve some normality around food! so this is a plus for the both of us!

tomorrow i'm back into the hustle and bustle of weekday life so i'm sure i'll have more interesting things to report!! i also get to weigh in again tomorrow so that should be fun!

so until then take care everyone and goodnight!

tonight i leave you with

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  1. Wow, You have a lot of discipline to do this cleanse. I honestly couldn't do it! By the way, I found you on PT from the blog thread. Love the bony back pics:) Take care and good luck with the rest of your cleanse:)